BITES stands for Budget Itinerary Tips Experiences and Stories that I will share throughout this post.  đŸ™‚

Mt. LUBOG â€“ Details from Pinoy Mountaineer

Trailhead: Sitio Lubog, Brgy. Puray, Rodriguez
LLA: 14°50′10.4′′ N, 121°14′12.9′′, 955 MASL (+337)
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 1-4 with rock scrambling
Feautures: Limestone formations, scenic views of the Sierra Madre


After almost 6 months of no hike, I am here, back on the trail again. It’s just that life had me to focus on things that need to get more of my attention than anything else. Cheers for Adulting 101. But I’m glad I did and still learning.


Earlier this year, I had the courage to get myself out again outdoors. Imagine how exciting it was for me to finally get mud on my feet again. Missing the outdoors badly.

This hike is actually set to be as a training climb for Mt. Pulag – will blog our Pulag experience soon.  And oh! what made this climb even more exciting? I was along with two of the creative grammers/photographers I first met on Instagram – PJ(@TheBoyWhoWantedToFly) and Niel(@Niyelsumagaysay) Being said that, I will be featuring their works here. Every photos you’ll see are from their creative efforts.

Always the Late Guy

You can skip this part if you want, but… 

So the day has come and I was this guy explaining myself from coming late even the call time has already been adjusted. This is what happened – From 2AM call time, I asked if this could be adjusted an hour later because I will be at the office until 12AM that day. But for some reason, I left the office at 1AM, and to get me home from BGC to Quezon City, it will took approximately more than an hour. And here, I forgot the FRIDAY red alert scenario from EDSA north bound. “Hala male-late ako !!! nakakahiya kung ipamo-move ko na naman ‘yung meeting time” – my thoughts while I’m deeply rushing the bus in the back of my head. I was really concerned that we might not catch the sunrise as PJ was really thrilled about it and I do not want to miss that just because of me. I’m getting crazyyyyy… but how could I possibly make things work faster. At around 2AM I finally came home. I only dropped by in to get prepped up and packed my things so quickly. NO SLEEP. Will I make it? Unleashing the zombie in me. “Lee ‘san ka na?” –  4AM I finally get to see PJ and Niel outside Jollibee Farmers. They’re not mad(Yey!) but I know somehow my punctuality caused quite disappointment to them, my bad really! We had some ‘getting to know’ chit chats while finding where to get the shuttle/jeep going to Rodriguez Rizal.


Commute Details:

FX/Shuttle going to Rodriguez(Cubao to Total Gas)
Habal-habal from terminal to Registartion and Jump-off(Brgy. Puray)

Upon arriving at Total Gas, we then find where the habal-habal terminal is located at but we lost the way.

Note: Ask someone around for the habal-habal terminal going to Mt.Lubog. For the landmark, it’s near Barangay Office/Police station.

I still can remember feeling the cold breeze on my face while we’re taking the Habal-habal ride at a normal speed. I was acting like a kid geared up of full excitement until the road surface transformed into a Hill Climb Racer-like path you wouldn’t imagine.

hillclimb copy

It would take two hours of Habal-Habal ride to get to the jump-off. Rough road,  believe me that would be something you would not expect. Let me describe it in this way, it’s like a 4×4 experience in a form of habal-habal. To make it short, masakit sa katawan especially sa kamay, ay hindi, mas masakit sa lower part #Butthurt – Tagalog na para mas ramdam nyo yung struggle sa habal-habal pero masaya! HAHA! I will tell you, this unique habal-habal experience was one of the things that made my Mt. Lubog climb memorable.



The sun was up when we reached the jump-off, the weather was fine that morning. It was like everything’s in place until we get to the first set of assaults. Hinihingal na ako but I’m keeping it cool and there were still a lot of rock boulders waiting for us on the way up.



Being not aware of the trail class, I struggle in most part of it. There was one step I made that got me in a serious leg cramps.That took me to stay in place for a while to fully recover my right leg. They bothered to stop and asked me “Ano Lee? Kaya pa?” they both looked so worried. But hey! My mind says “Kayang Kaya!” though my leg still can’t even move an inch.

Tips: Always do stretching before hitting the trail. Not just here but when you do climbing.

After I got my leg back to normal we proceed at a good pace and took several stops to catch a breath and most of the time for photo ops. Here’s what the trail looks like:








With Rhinox outdoor gear


From L to R: PJ, Niel and yours truly



Braving the heights. Luckily you can’t see my face 🙂


What if I slip? What if I fall down? What if I get blown away? What if… Well I had a lot of these before I took that stand. I was too scared to do it actually. But I’m here, still alive, and was able to share about it.


It is only a matter of how you manage your thinking when things you are scared of suddenly appear in front of you. Formulating “what if’s” is not bad, but giving it a “why not” is much more considerable to me. Also, consider the people that helps you face your fear. I still can remember how Niel and PJ shouted their encouragements to me. I attempted several times, my legs were obviously shaking and it really took me long to still myself.

Finding my way back to a safer ground.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank PJ for the food he provided for our lunch since I forgot to bring my own food for rushing myself(wooo reasons!) #LateGuyProblems


Panintingan falls was our sidetrip after our descend.



Yes, it didn’t end it there. Of course we have rented the habal-habal for a back and forth trip so we have to take it for another painful ride.

-End of our climb

Meet PJ and Niel

Thanks so much for these two for letting me use their photos in this blog and of course for the fun experience.


Grabbed from @TheBoyWhoWantedToFly

Follow his travel adventures on Instagram @TheBoyWhoWantedToFly


Follow his Instagram feed for daily dose of creative shots @Niyelsumagaysay

Group Picture


From R to L: Niel(green), PJ(blue), and that’s me on the black shirt

 ‘Til our next summit!


Take shuttle/fx from Cubao going to Rodriguez Rizal(near Jollibee Farmers). Ask the driver to drop you off at Total gas, fare is P50. From Total Gas, hire a habal-habal to take to the registration/Jump-off at Baranggay Puray.


Budget (Group of 3)

FX/Shuttle going to Rodriguez(Cubao to Total Gas) – P50
Registration fee/ Habal-habal fee back and forth/ Guide fee – P600
FX/Shuttle(Rodriguez to Cubao) – P50

Total: P700


It is advisable to arrange your climb beforehand to secure a habal-habal and guide to your group.

Kagawad Peter – 0928 464 7447

Thanks for reading! Stay Blessed!


Hope to see you on the trail next time! Cheers!


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Travel Video: 2016 Year End Travel Review

A look back at how enjoyable my 2016 was with the places I was able to visit, trails and summits I conquered and most especially the people I shared the road with.

Enjoy watching!


Music: Jack Garratt – Surprise Yourself (Gryffin & Manila Killa Remix)
No copyright infringement intended


I hope to meet more great minds and beautiful souls this 2017! Happy Travels everyone!




BITES stands for Budget Itinerary Tips Experiences and Stories that I will share throughout this post.  🙂

Mt. Maynoba is one of the newly opened mountains in Tanay, Rizal. It was formally opened to public last March and it has already drawn high public attention for it can offer a high chance viewing of sea of clouds and by having various waterfalls.

Peaking at 728MASL, one has to deal with series of assaults to get to the summit. Here are further details of the mountain from Pinoy Mountaineer:

Tanay, Rizal
Trailhead: Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal
LLA: 14°36′22.4′′N, 121°25′18.6′′ E, 728 MASL (+470m)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3 hours
Specs: Minor hike, Difficulty 3/9 (Summit); 4/9 (Loop hike), Trail class 1-4
Features: Sea of clouds, scenic views of the Sierra Madre, waterfalls


It was just an ordinary day but my anxiety is killing me hard when I feel the calling of the mountains. So I made a plan for another climb and I wanted it to be a solo hike and at the same time a revenge climb for my first SOC-chasing hike in Mt. Batolusong (you can check it out here) I have decided to do a weekend climb in Mt. Maynoba which happened to be a newly opened hiking destination in Tanay that time. I already saw posts about this mountain circulating around in different hiking and traveling groups in Facebook featuring the sea of clouds view and its falls.

Having  a little information I got from different sources online. I have considered this mountain because of the overwhelming number of falls that you will get to see and experience along the trail. It would be a climb and a chasing waterfalls adventure all packed in one. Maybe you already have the idea about how many falls are there, but for the rest that don’t, can you make a guess? No it’s not four! Not even six! Okay hold off, it has eight waterfalls. Yes you read it right, it’s eight. Sounds much and exaggerated but this just made me start preparing an itinerary for this hike.


Alongside with my Mt. Balagbag experience where I was able to hike with new friends, I made it here as well with a new buddy, Julie plus Jenyleen and Abe. But did I mention that it would be a solo climb? Well yes originally, not until I told Jenyleen about my plan of going on a weekend hike. At first, I was uncertain to ask for somebody to join me in because I started my itinerary as early as 2AM and I do not think that they will be okay with it since they work in shifting hours, but hey they have just throwed me their yeses. To make sure that they’ll have enough energy on the climb date, I was reminding Jenyleen from time to time to prep herself and take enough sleep before the set date, but not for Abe as I still can remember that he had sent us his confirmation at around 12AM on the day of our climb #WalangTulugan

We met at Jollibee Cubao along Aurora and started our commute at around 2:30AM in the morning.


From Cubao going to Brgy. Cayabu(jump-off)
[Jeep] Cubao to Cogeo gate 2 – P25
[Jeep] Cogeo gate 2 to Batangasan – P42
[Tricycle] Batangasan to jump-off(P200/4) – P50

Riding on a jeep to Batangasan, I woke up from a short nap and just notice the view was unclear being seen outside. The road was soaked in fog . Dropping off, we were excited for Abe to see the place immersed on a thick fog since he really wanted to experience it when Baguio has failed to give him that kind of experience.

Arriving at the Jump-off

Logged our names, paid P45 for the registration and met our guide Kuya Rommel. 



Someone yelled from a distance ‘Umakyat na sila!’  We were informed that Gwen Zamora, a main stay of the late night gag show Bubble Gang  was there and already started the hike when we arrived, so our guide was excited and rushing to start ours too hoping that we will get into Gwen’s group along the trail.


Only happened that I am following her on IG


5:30AM we officially hit the trail. As mentioned, It was very foggy that morning which is a good sign that sea of clouds was present at the moment. The thicker the fog, the more chances of sea of clouds. As we walk along the foggy trail, I can imagine that somebody has already enjoying the view at the summit.




Beware of the mud and poops!

Source: Tired for some ‘mooos Photo by Lindon Lee Maquidato — National Geographic Your Shot




We made several stops to rest and catch a breath. We’re keeping on a good pace but the assaulted trail is not a joke. Good thing that we were provided with bamboo stick to use as staff to make it easier for us to deal with assaults. Thank you so much Kuya Rommel

TIP: Bring a hiking staff(tungkod) or kindly ask your guide to provide you one for it can really help you out on the steep parts of the trail.


Me trying to do a pose

We could see the fog and forested part of the mountain behind us for quite some time till it gave way to this view.





Now we couldn’t contain ourselves to move forward and witness everything on the summit. We only had took some photos and resume our struggle way up. This time with mud and a level-up steepness.


There the Summit!





7AM we have finally reach the summit with no words to say but ooohs and wows. We then find a good spot to set up our ground and laid for a while.










There are a lot of hikers at the summit but I think it is still few as compared with the numbers of hikers climbing Mt. Maynoba today where there are now chances of traffic on the trail.


We waited until the SOC dissipated before we decided to descend.




If it is the sea of clouds that excite me going up to the summit, then this time it is the waterfalls I mentioned earlier that we are about to see on our way down back to the jump-off. But before that, we have experienced the heat as the sun has already showed up and only those tall Talahib grasses serves to be our small hideout from the sunlight.



We were not able to visit all of those eight falls but had the chance to swim in 3 of them. By the way there are only four falls that they can allow you to swim, not all. On a personal note about the falls, they are not the ones I expected but still something good to look forward to, honestly I enjoyed my dip in Maynoba falls. However, they are more like of a stream to me with basin on every level for they have counted it as falls.


Maynoba Falls

We have decided to resume our descend back as the sky had already been covered with dark clouds and anytime soon rain will pour down. And it rained hard while we are down the trail. Still can remember that let-the-rain-wash-out-the-pain feeling. #Cheesy but definitely one of the best I could tell that time.



Upon reaching the jump-off site and since we are all hungry that time, we made to settle our tummies first then proceed to tidy up.

-End of our climb

More stories from Jenyleen, Abe and Julienne

A note from ABE


Even though Mt. Maynoba is not my first climb, it is always a nice feeling to be connected once again with nature. Being an amateur in regards with mountain climbing, it’s always fascinating to experience some new things like feeling the foggy sceneries around me and seeing the contrast of colors between the clouds and trees. As I ascend towards the top of the mountain, the excitement of seeing a marvelous sight is building up within me. It is really exhilarating. I cannot wait to see the view at the top.

Upon reaching the goal or what we so called the top of Mt. Maynoba, I have felt a serene peace as my eyes sets upon the true beauty of Mother Nature. All of the hardships and all of the pain I gained during the climb is all worth it. This is my best climb so far so I’m excited for more. 🙂

A note from JULIENNE


Mt. Maynoba Experience

“May hike kami”  “Sama `ko!” And the journey begins, we woke up early 1:30 am in the morning for us to witness the sea of clouds which Mt. Maynoba is famous for. I will not get into detail on how we get there, don`t worry Lindon will take good care of that 😛

So we start our hike at 5:30 am, as what I have read, Mt. Maynoba is 4/9 so for a second timer, I am expecting that it will be more challenging and much exciting as compared with my first hike in Batangas. As we chase the dawn upon our ascend, the path going up is seriously slippery, especially in the ascend before the ridge going to the peak, where in we have the glimpse of the sea of clouds.  The trail before the ridge part is one of the most challenging part,  just right the size of a foot and the only thing you can hold on are the Saccharum/Talahib :), roots and branching plants, if your leg is quite weak and your footsteps upon your ascend are quite light you might find yourself and the rest of your group in a bowling scene, one of the reason why I perspire so so, really very much 😀 just what like I said when we`re about to reach the peak, “bago ako umakyat yung kilay ko pang Cara Delevingne, pag nakarating na ako sa peak para na akong si Mona Lisa”

Anyway, all those worries of falling, stumbling etc was definitely wiped away (including my kilay) because of the breathtaking and worthy view. Mt. Maynoba is definitely hitting two birds in one stone, If you’re  facing the ridge, on the right we have the view of the sea of clouds, I`m amused and beguiled with the clouds above Sierra Madre Range along with the rising sun which makes the view an ethereal one. On the left, the lush landscape and surreal mountain range is offered, it was like a painting turning into reality. Get the camera and take unlimited pictures, lay back and just admire the view.

Mt. Maynoba is not just about sea of clouds or sea of grass, it also offers 8 majestic falls, out of 8 we only try 6. But the descend is a lot challenging than the ascend, we encountered numerous assaults, bamboo tunnel, big rocks, few ropes to hold on but the cold water in each falls and the relaxing view will get rid the tiredness of our body.

I can say that Mt. Maynoba, though it is newly opened, should be in your bucket list to hike this year,  not only because of the ethereal beauty of the view and you will realize that the poetry of the earth is never dead.

A note from JENYLEEN


The fogs, trees, grass, clouds, falls, sun and rain; they all make Mt. Maynuba’s perfect scenery. The trail was very challenging but every time we take a breath and look at the scenery before us, all of the tiredness and exhaustion is gone. The sea of clouds on our right, the waves of grass on our left, the view is just surreal. The falls are not so perfect but they help the climbers to feel refreshed. We also got to taste a legit mineral water, fresh from a mini waterfall that’s exclusive for drinking only. The water’s cold like it was fresh from freezer, so refreshing! And lastly, one of the highlights of this hike is our rainfall shower experience during our descend. This is my most unforgettable hike experience so far. 😉



From left to right: Julienne, Abe, Jenyleen and me


From Cubao take a jeep going to Cogeo and kindly ask the driver to drop you off at Cogeo Gate 2, fare is P25. When you arrive in Cogeo 2, look for the terminal of the jeep going to Batangasan. Again, ask the driver to drop you off at Batangasan, fare is P42 and travel time would be more than an hour. Finally, from Batangasan hire a tricycle going to the registration site/Jump-off, fare is P50/person.


Budget (Group of 4)


From Cubao going to jump-off
[jeep] Cubao to Cogeo gate 2 – P25
[jeep] Cogeo gate 2 to Batangasan – P42
[Tricycle] Batangasan to jump-off(P200/4) – P50

From Jump-off to Cubao

[tricycle] jump-off to batangasan(P250/4) – P62.5
[jeep] Batangasan to Cogeo – P42
[jeep] Cogeo to Cubao – P25


Registration – P40
Guide(P500/4) – P125
Use of bathroom – P20

TOTAL – P431.5


President : Mr. Romar L. Anito – 0929 765 8457
Vice President : Mr. Ronald Africano – 0908 433 0444


Blog BITES | Mt. MAYNOBA . All Rights Reserved

Hope to see you on the trail next time! Cheers!


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WRITE IT DOWN: Things To Do in The Philippines

Traveling is an essential part of one’s Life List. Breaking it down into smaller scope will surprise you, like mine, I didn’t expect it to be this much but I know they’re all fun so I am starting with Philippines first, then next is the world!

Here’s my PH Travel bucket list  – My Top 101 Things To do in The Philippines
*in no particular order

#1 Swim/Dive in Enchanted River in Surigao

#2 Watch the sea of clouds in Mt. Pulag

#3 Experience the “Kawa” hot bath in Antique

#4 Spelunking in Sumaguing Cave in Sagada

#5 Horseback riding in Tagaytay

#6 Strawberry Picking in Benguet

#7 Join the waves in La Union – Surfing

#8 Cross San Juanico Bridge in Samar by feet

#9 See the Chocolate Hills in Bohol


 #10 Snorkel and swim with the sea turtles in Apo Island in Dumaguete

#11 Overnight camping in Mt. Balagbag, Rodriguez Rizal

#12 Brave the attractions from Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon

#13 Diving/snorkeling at the Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin

#14 Visit Kayangan Lake in Coron


#15 Do hiking for the first time 


I had my first mountain to climb in Batangas which is Mt. Gulugod Baboy peaking at 628MASL

#16 Ride a balsa (bamboo raft) at Minalungao Natural Park in Nueva Ecija

#17 Experience the rapids in Cagayan De Oro – White Water Rafting


#18 Visit Mararison Island in Culasi Antique

#19 Climb Taal Lake in Tagaytay

#20 Spend a night stargazing on the beach

#21 Try the Longest Zip Line of Lake Sebu in Cotabato

#22 Night stroll in Vigan

#23 Visit Lake Holon in South Cotabato

#24 Climb Mt. Pinatubo

#25 Try wakeboarding – Nuvali/Pampanga/Davao


At Decawake in Pampanga

#26 Beach Camping in Anawangin Cove, Zambales

#27 Climb Osmena Peak in Cebu

#28 Experience Loboc’s floating restaurant in Bohol


#29 Dolphin Watching in Bohol

#30 Grapes picking in La Union

#31 Witness Mt. Mayon with clearing

#32 Try horseback riding in Baguio

#33 Visit Asik-asik falls in Cotabato

#34 Swim with the gentle giants of Sorsogon

#35 Stroll in Intramuros

#36 Experience fireflies watching

#37 Climb Mt. Tapyas in Coron

#38 Feed the Giraffes of Calauit Safari in Coron

#39 Enroll in a Scuba diving course in Batangas

#40 Beach camping in Calaguas Island

#41 Visit the Black Sand Beaches in Bicol

#42 Climb Mt. Batulao

#43 Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu

#44 Do cliff jumping in Fortune Island, Batangas

#45 Snorkel at Fish Sanctuary in Balicasag Island, Bohol


#46 Do a solo hike


First solo climb at Mt. Batolusong

#47 Ride a ZipLine(for the first time)

#48 Do surfing in Baler, Aurora

#49 Visit Masungi Georeserve in Tanay, Rizal

#50 Visit the Deer Farm in CamSur

#51 Brave The Plunge of Danao Adventure Park in Bohol

#52 Visit Sirao Flower Garden in Cebu

#53 Brave the extreme rides of Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna

#54 Do a solo beach camping

#55 Visit the Old Balete Tree in Siquijor

#56 Visit The National Museum in Manila

#57 Play/Make friends with the beach dogs

#58 Take a dip at Juag Lagoon in Sorsogon

#59 See the Pink sand beach of Zamboanga

#60 Stroll in Baguio’s Night Market

#61 Experience the Underground river of Puerto Princesa

#62 Visit Manila Ocean Park

#63 Do kayaking in the river of Danao, Bohol

#64 Spelunking at Calinawan Cave in Tanay

#65 Join in any of the Fiesta celebration

#66 See the ‘prusisyon’ during the feast of the Nazarene in Quiapo

#67 Visit Sabtang Island in Batanes

#68 Ride an ATV around Mt. Mayon in Bicol

#69 Explore Bantayan Island in Cebu

#70 Visit Samal Island in Davao

#71 Visit Boracay Island

#72 Ride the Giant Swing in Sandbox, Pampanga

#73 Experience tandem paragliding

#74 Watch the sunset in Batanes

#75 Try each of the horror house in Star City, Pasay

#76 See Prony, the largest python in captivity in Bohol

#77 Ride the balsa(bamboo raft) in Tinago Falls – Iligan City


#78 Climb Taraw cliff of El Nido

#79 Experience water tubing in Laguna

#80 Visit Tinipak River in Tanay

#81 Witness the majestic Tinuy-an falls in Surigao Del Sur

#82 Visit Kalanggaman island in Leyte

#83 Do kayaking/paddle boarding in El Nido, Palawan

#84 Dive/Snorkel in the Shipwreck in Coron

#85 Go with chasing waterfalls adventure in Laguna


Hulugan Falls, Luisiana Laguna

#86 Feed tigers in Zoobic Safari, Subic

#87 Visit Maria Cristina Falls

#88 Watch the sunset atop of a mountain


Mt. Gulugod baboy

#89 Trek at Binurong point in Catanduanes

#90 Experience Cold Spring/Hot spring (for the first time)

#91 Spend a day on a seaside swing/hammock

#92 Do Island hopping in the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan

#93 Ride a 4×4 truck in Ilocos’ Sand dunes

#94 Climb Mt. Batad in Mountain Province

#95 Visit beaches in Romblon

#96 Try to eat some exotic food

#97 Catch the sunset in White Island in Camiguin


#98 Climb Mt. Pundaquit going to Nagsasa Beach

#99 Visit Biri rock formations and natural pools in Northern Samar

#100 Learn a dialect/language (Cebuano, Ivatan, etc.)

#101 Explore more, bring smiles and spread the love in The PHILIPPINES

As of now, I have already ticked off 34 adventures in my list.

I hope you have at least started writing down your own bucket list. I swear, you’ll have fun doing it!

Traveling. #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines

Work hard. Save harder. Explore hardest



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Gacias Mountain View Resort

In the capital town of Laguna resides Gacias Mountain View Resort, a resort given with relaxing views of Mt. Banahaw and Sierra Madre Ranges. The name says it all.

Back to the Original Plan

It was not originally included on the Hulugan Falls 1-day itinerary trip prepared by Marvin as he already excluded it on the list because we were only supposed to do a daytour trip. Apparently, we have this friend who always comes late whenever there is an out of town trip that caused for spontaneity, well… Hi! Haha Yes! Because of this, we had changed the itinerary back to a 2-day trip and that includes a stay in Gacias Mountain View Resort. Not a bad thing though, it’s just sometimes the worst brings the best out in a situation like this. *kroo…kroo…

We checked-in at around 4PM for us to be able to catch the sunset. People who likes to avoid the stressful vibe of the city for a while will definitely love the place. The pool area with motorized falls can give you a relaxing massage on your back, the view of rice paddies is such a relief, their staffs are very accommodating, the surroundings, everything is light and nice in there, too bad we were not able to catch the sunrise because we have to leave as early as 3AM and head to Barangay San Salvador in Luisiana.

Here are the photos I got from the pool area. I personally enjoyed shooting here because of the good lighting… sunset always gives us good and dramatic lighting.





Here’s the reason why it’s called “Mountain View”. Mt. Banahaw and Sierra Madre Ranges as seen from the resort.



More photos showing how we basked the moment when we had the pool all to ourselves.





We got the chance to talk with Mrs. Gacias, the owner. She is kind and very approachable. We were told that the resort was supposed to be a family rest house back then. As time passes by, a lot of people from relatives to friends have been discovering the place until she’s asked why not open it to public. And then they decided to do so. Now they are accepting events such as debut parties, family reunions and the likes in the venue. See details down below for bookings.


From Buendia take a bus going to Sta. Cruz and kindly ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Sun Star Mall. When you arrive in Sun Star Mall, hire a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off at Acacia Street, Green Village Subdivision, Santa Cruz, it’s a long ride for it might cost you a hundred for a group of 4 persons.


Entrance fee

P50 – 9AM to 5PM
P70 – 5PM to 12MN
P100 – 6PM to 6AM
*All rate applies to adults and kids


Cottage rental – P500
Room(AC) rental – 2,500


Menchie – 0995 477 1890

For additional infos and inquiries you can visit their facebook page here: Gacias Mountain View Resort FB Page

So the next time you plan on where you are going to spend your quick escape or staycation or even just spending a night with in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, you may consider Gacias Mountain View Resort.

DSC_1151 (2)

Thank you for reading! Cheers!


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Snap the Hype: McKinley’s Grand Canal Themed Mall


Grand Canal in Venice, Italy (Photo Credits to


Ever had this dream of traveling to Italy and experience the Grand Canal cruise? If so, I suppose you have heard about the Grand Canal attraction of the newly opened mall in McKinley Hills Taguig being tagged as the most romantic mall in the country.The place itself offers a different kind of vibe where one can actually set another level of experience without the need to travel far and without spending too much money.

The mall had started operating last year allowing its visitors to get inside the vicinity, though it’s not yet fully opened that time. They’ve let their guests witness the mall’s themed attraction that resembles the Grand Canal of Venice. It  also triggered an interesting argument between netizens where some had expressed themselves sounded as a “proud to be pinoy”, on the contrary, others were saying that there’s no good in copying and bringing one’s tourist attraction to another place. Despite of a few not-so-positive reactions raised on social media, the place has already been loved by many and I must say most of them are the ones we called the selfie enthusiasts.

Last January I decided to do my first selfie……….. haha just kidding, but why not! I decided to do my first photowalk in this place and also to test my newly bought D5200 Nikon camera. Let me show you a quick look of the place. These are my first clicks from my camera by the way.





– Closer look to my co-snappers –





Special thanks to Abe and Jenyleen for joining me here.

UPDATE: Gondola ride is now open every weekend for P500 per head.

For more info you may visit their facebook page here -> McKinley Hill

Grazie mille!

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FEATURE: Gramming Poetry and Nature

The Boat

Words by: Gerald Cedrick Castillo

Seashore is a comfort zone.
I am happy, satisfied and alone.
In this paradise of the world,
no one can blame me, no one will hold.

The Ocean is enchanting and alluring.
It’s water is glazing and shimmering.
Although I’m not doing any fault,
I cannot do my role here as a boat.

Do I have to leave this peaceful shore,
then swim and go to the ocean core?
How can I live without doing my role?
How can I die without gaining my goal?

The Boat is my favorite among all of the poem written by Gerald Castillo. It could make you think of things that you know you can do and things you SHOULD be doing, then you will realize that you haven’t started any of them because you are stuck on something that could even makes you forget your worth. It’s hard to get out on that kind of chain so I’ll just leave it here – stop for awhile, reflect on things, focus on yourself and the people you care about, get yourself together and start doing things you love and live life as it should be. Know that you have a purpose!

Sail on!

Gerald is currently attending a seminary and he likes writing poems and taking outdoor pictures. You can reach him and read more of his inspiring works on his Instagram account – @geraldcedrick

As he says “Enjoy reading and reflecting”. God bless us all!


Note: Please don’t use someone else’s work(e.g. Photos, Line, etc.) without proper permission of the artist/author.