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Hi I am Lindon Lee Maquidato. My friends used to call me Lindon, Lee, El-el, Lilee, and Dondi. If you want to add a new name on the list, no problem.

I’s on me

I am a certified IT Professional and currently working as an IT consultant and a freelance graphic artist. I am a volunteer. I always tend to keep myself away on the four corners of my room and most of the time, I go preferably out with nature and find some real thrills.




I am not much of a blogger but I will do my best at this point to write and share things here. I am practicing photography as well. I go out for photowalks on my free time shooting stills of things and moments that I might find interesting. I am into Travel and landscape photography and I have always wanted to shoot like a professional National Geographic photographer. NO DREAM IS TOO BIG. Well, There are a lot of things I want to do while the Earth can still breathe and while I can still breathe the Earth.

That is all for now. Hope to see you on my posts. Cheers~

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