OPPO F1S: #FeedGoals

Fond of sharing photos of different places you’ve been to? #YourNameTravels Or the trendy outfit you’re on? #OOTD Are you one of those who get up on their seat and take flatlay shot of foods on the table? #Foodie

There are a lot of ways on how one can creatively express him/herself through the collective photographs he/she is posting in Instagram. Curating is the key!

Achieving #FeedGoals

1. Know Your Interest – At first, I did not take posting photos on my IG account as serious as what I am doing now. Before, I randomly post photos of anything. I even posted a snap of condiment bottles that are placed in front of me in a food store while waiting for my order to be served. This kind of instances happened a lot whenever I get bored. I will just take my phone, snap then post #WalaLang. But you cannot see these kind of images on my feed now as I have deleted them already to adjust with my new found hobby. Give way to #TravelPhotography

2. What To Post – I started curating photos for my IG account during my first travel in Bohol. I had my phone and an action camera with me to take all the beautiful sceneries there.Until then I got fond of sharing photos and started to share personal stories from my travels. I turned out to be a travel grammer…captured different hues from sunrise to sunsets…wrote inspiring stories from down at the beach up to a mountain top…and other meaningful travel stuffs.

So if you are now wondering how my Instagram feed actually looks like, here’s a glimpse of it:

3. Get the Right Shooting Gear – Maybe you’re asking now what camera did I use for those images. Well, most of them were taken from my DSLR. Unfortunately it stop working after being soaked on salt water during my travel in Coron, in short I lost my camera #CarryOn

Finding the Right Alternative Gear for Shooting

In my research of finding the best alternative camera phone that suits in my standards and needs. I found OPPO.

Along with the line up of best camera smart phones to have, OPPO F1 is one of the best picks to consider. It’s all about the camera.

OPPO F1s features 16MP Front Camera/13MP Main Camera and 3-4GB RAM. It also comes in 5.5 inches HD display(1280×720 resolution) and 3075mAh non-removable battery.

OPPO F1s Experience

Recently, I went to Roxas Boulevard with a friend that owned an OPPO F1s. We had a sunset session there that time. And my friend let me use the phone so I was able to experience shooting in normal mode and we even tried to shoot a timelapse video. The quality of photos taken were fine and impressive even I attempted to zoom it in, though It gets a little grainy but still considerable. Really a perfect choice to achieve your #FeedGoals

Sunset Photo taken from OPPO F1s(zoomed in)

Raw Image taken at Normal Mode

Post Processed using Lightroom

Whatever ways or styles you’ve got to achieve the visually pleasing theme you ever wanted for your Instagram feed, do it for as long as you are being true to it and at the same time you’re having fun doing it. That is when your effort and output become someone else’s goals as well. So continue sharing! Stay gramming! 🙂

See you on Instagram. Follow me at @lindonlee

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