BITES stands for Budget Itinerary Tips Experiences and Stories that I will share throughout this post.  🙂

Mt. LUBOG – Details from Pinoy Mountaineer

Trailhead: Sitio Lubog, Brgy. Puray, Rodriguez
LLA: 14°50′10.4′′ N, 121°14′12.9′′, 955 MASL (+337)
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 1-4 with rock scrambling
Feautures: Limestone formations, scenic views of the Sierra Madre


After almost 6 months of no hike, I am here, back on the trail again. It’s just that life had me to focus on things that need to get more of my attention than anything else. Cheers for Adulting 101. But I’m glad I did and still learning.


Earlier this year, I had the courage to get myself out again outdoors. Imagine how exciting it was for me to finally get mud on my feet again. Missing the outdoors badly.

This hike is actually set to be as a training climb for Mt. Pulag – will blog our Pulag experience soon.  And oh! what made this climb even more exciting? I was along with two of the creative grammers/photographers I first met on Instagram – PJ(@TheBoyWhoWantedToFly) and Niel(@Niyelsumagaysay) Being said that, I will be featuring their works here. Every photos you’ll see are from their creative efforts.

Always the Late Guy

You can skip this part if you want, but… 

So the day has come and I was this guy explaining myself from coming late even the call time has already been adjusted. This is what happened – From 2AM call time, I asked if this could be adjusted an hour later because I will be at the office until 12AM that day. But for some reason, I left the office at 1AM, and to get me home from BGC to Quezon City, it will took approximately more than an hour. And here, I forgot the FRIDAY red alert scenario from EDSA north bound. “Hala male-late ako !!! nakakahiya kung ipamo-move ko na naman ‘yung meeting time” – my thoughts while I’m deeply rushing the bus in the back of my head. I was really concerned that we might not catch the sunrise as PJ was really thrilled about it and I do not want to miss that just because of me. I’m getting crazyyyyy… but how could I possibly make things work faster. At around 2AM I finally came home. I only dropped by in to get prepped up and packed my things so quickly. NO SLEEP. Will I make it? Unleashing the zombie in me. “Lee ‘san ka na?” –  4AM I finally get to see PJ and Niel outside Jollibee Farmers. They’re not mad(Yey!) but I know somehow my punctuality caused quite disappointment to them, my bad really! We had some ‘getting to know’ chit chats while finding where to get the shuttle/jeep going to Rodriguez Rizal.


Commute Details:

FX/Shuttle going to Rodriguez(Cubao to Total Gas)
Habal-habal from terminal to Registartion and Jump-off(Brgy. Puray)

Upon arriving at Total Gas, we then find where the habal-habal terminal is located at but we lost the way.

Note: Ask someone around for the habal-habal terminal going to Mt.Lubog. For the landmark, it’s near Barangay Office/Police station.

I still can remember feeling the cold breeze on my face while we’re taking the Habal-habal ride at a normal speed. I was acting like a kid geared up of full excitement until the road surface transformed into a Hill Climb Racer-like path you wouldn’t imagine.

hillclimb copy

It would take two hours of Habal-Habal ride to get to the jump-off. Rough road,  believe me that would be something you would not expect. Let me describe it in this way, it’s like a 4×4 experience in a form of habal-habal. To make it short, masakit sa katawan especially sa kamay, ay hindi, mas masakit sa lower part #Butthurt – Tagalog na para mas ramdam nyo yung struggle sa habal-habal pero masaya! HAHA! I will tell you, this unique habal-habal experience was one of the things that made my Mt. Lubog climb memorable.



The sun was up when we reached the jump-off, the weather was fine that morning. It was like everything’s in place until we get to the first set of assaults. Hinihingal na ako but I’m keeping it cool and there were still a lot of rock boulders waiting for us on the way up.



Being not aware of the trail class, I struggle in most part of it. There was one step I made that got me in a serious leg cramps.That took me to stay in place for a while to fully recover my right leg. They bothered to stop and asked me “Ano Lee? Kaya pa?” they both looked so worried. But hey! My mind says “Kayang Kaya!” though my leg still can’t even move an inch.

Tips: Always do stretching before hitting the trail. Not just here but when you do climbing.

After I got my leg back to normal we proceed at a good pace and took several stops to catch a breath and most of the time for photo ops. Here’s what the trail looks like:








With Rhinox outdoor gear


From L to R: PJ, Niel and yours truly



Braving the heights. Luckily you can’t see my face 🙂


What if I slip? What if I fall down? What if I get blown away? What if… Well I had a lot of these before I took that stand. I was too scared to do it actually. But I’m here, still alive, and was able to share about it.


It is only a matter of how you manage your thinking when things you are scared of suddenly appear in front of you. Formulating “what if’s” is not bad, but giving it a “why not” is much more considerable to me. Also, consider the people that helps you face your fear. I still can remember how Niel and PJ shouted their encouragements to me. I attempted several times, my legs were obviously shaking and it really took me long to still myself.

Finding my way back to a safer ground.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank PJ for the food he provided for our lunch since I forgot to bring my own food for rushing myself(wooo reasons!) #LateGuyProblems


Panintingan falls was our sidetrip after our descend.



Yes, it didn’t end it there. Of course we have rented the habal-habal for a back and forth trip so we have to take it for another painful ride.

-End of our climb

Meet PJ and Niel

Thanks so much for these two for letting me use their photos in this blog and of course for the fun experience.


Grabbed from @TheBoyWhoWantedToFly

Follow his travel adventures on Instagram @TheBoyWhoWantedToFly


Follow his Instagram feed for daily dose of creative shots @Niyelsumagaysay

Group Picture


From R to L: Niel(green), PJ(blue), and that’s me on the black shirt

 ‘Til our next summit!


Take shuttle/fx from Cubao going to Rodriguez Rizal(near Jollibee Farmers). Ask the driver to drop you off at Total gas, fare is P50. From Total Gas, hire a habal-habal to take to the registration/Jump-off at Baranggay Puray.


Budget (Group of 3)

FX/Shuttle going to Rodriguez(Cubao to Total Gas) – P50
Registration fee/ Habal-habal fee back and forth/ Guide fee – P600
FX/Shuttle(Rodriguez to Cubao) – P50

Total: P700


It is advisable to arrange your climb beforehand to secure a habal-habal and guide to your group.

Kagawad Peter – 0928 464 7447

Thanks for reading! Stay Blessed!


Hope to see you on the trail next time! Cheers!


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