FALLS TOUR ITINERARY: Spending Five Hours of Chasing Waterfalls in Luisiana Laguna

What’s up for the weekend?

Our weekend trip in Laguna was actually arranged to a 2-day trip itinerary. Where on the first day, we checked in at Gacias Mountain View Resort in Sta. Rosa and stayed there for a night.


BLOGGED: Gacias Mountain View Resort

And at around 3AM on the second day, we left the resort and head over to the terminal going to Luisiana. Here to share with you the actual itinerary that we had in chasing some of the #wonderfalls located at Barangay San Salvador, Luisiana Laguna.

05:30AM – Arrival at Brgy. San Salvador – Registration Site

Went to the information desk and met Ate Rosario, the guide assigned to our group then proceed to the registration site which is also known as ‘Bahay ng Kapitan’. We paid the registration for P20.


  • Earliest time allowed to start a tour is at 7AM in the morning.
  • Registration is open until 3PM only. Make sure to make it to the registration not later than 3PM.




We had our breakfast in a small canteen there called Aling Gandas Tapsilog then have some chit chats while waiting for the tour to start.



07:00AM – Start of the tour

The trail going to our first destination was all covered with tall trees that gave us enough shade. We started easy – a walk in the park. But what I loved the most being there was the feeling of tranquility that flows through your senses. Just imagine yourself walking on a forest in the morning with deafening sound of silence only chirping birds and grasping leaves you’ll hear.





07:30AM – TALAY Falls

Talay falls was our first stop.



Note: You’ll go up with boulders and will do a short rappelling after Talay falls, and it is not advisable for you to bring loads of things. You can leave your bags on the table located near Talay falls’ basin, just bring your gadgets and wallets with you protected in a waterproof case/bag.

07:50AM – Proceed to trek





08:05AM – HIDDEN Falls

The story behind the discovery of this waterfall was told to our group. To make it short, Hidden falls was discovered a year ago by a climber who explored the big boulders of rocks and by surprise it led him to this one majestic falls. After reaching out to the authorities about this he had given the right to name it and he called it as “Hidden Falls”.


“Pupunta pa ba tayo dun” a friend was asking while pointing to the falls. Kissing the uneven boulders of rock while praying for my safety with each steps I made was all out of my expectation. It was not that easy for me going to the falls as I was carrying my DSLR. But with full coordination and effort with our guide, we made it.

Now I know why they say ‘Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls’! We even throwed jokes like ‘May binabayaran ka pang bahay!’ and ‘May pina-aaral ka pa!’ just to ease even a bit of fear out in our faces.

IMPORTANT: Listen to what your guide is telling you, if she says LEFT foot, then use your LEFT foot.


Abe giving his “Kaya pa!” smile



09:00AM – Back down to Talay Falls and Proceed trekking


On our way to our last stop!




TIP: We were told by the locals that the best time to visit Hulugan Falls is at around the last quarter of the year to fully experience its majestic curtain of falling water.





The Whole Gang!


From L to R: Jenyleen, Aljen, Abe, Marvin, Ate Rosario(Guide) and that’s me holding the camera!

10:30AM – Trek Back to the Registration Site

11:15AM – Tidy up then had our lunch at Aling Gandas Tapsilog

12:00PM – Left Brgy. San Salvador

-End of Tour


From Manila, take a bus going to Sta. Cruz Laguna, fare is P140. Then ride a Jeep going to Lucban for P30. There are also signages of Hulugan Falls in the terminal. Just ask the driver to drop you off at Brgy. San Salvador or tell them that you are going to Hulugan Falls.


Ate Rosario Beron
Contact: 0906-492-7872


Lindon Lee | All Rights Reserved 2016

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20 thoughts on “FALLS TOUR ITINERARY: Spending Five Hours of Chasing Waterfalls in Luisiana Laguna

  1. Great itinerary and it’s always fun hiking to waterfalls. Did something similar in Dominica. The food that you’ve pictured looks delicious and since I’m a foodie must say that got my attention. The falls and their photos look really refreshing. I believe they aren’t too difficult to reach?


  2. I really am in awe of your photography skills, I wish I had that kind of eye for a shot. A really useful little itinerary here and one that would certainly allow you to make the most of your time in Luisiana Laguna. That breakfast looks like a great way to prepare for a hike!


  3. I have to say I would have appreciated a bit more info on what you are talking about right at the beginning. As a person that’s never been to the Philippines, I felt somewhat lost as to where this place actually is. Got the info in the end of the article though…


  4. I remember when I lived in Mumbai, India, I used to backpack on most weekends in monsoon and chase waterfalls in the verdant hills of Maharashtra. Your post reminds me of that time. From your blog, I loved Talay falls. It reminds me of Agumbe falls in Karnataka, India.


  5. What a great way to start your hike through nature overloaded with tranquility and chirping birds. The trip hiking through forests and falls rappelling sounds adventurous. Looks like you guys had much fun at Luisiana Laguna.


  6. Love the photos. It’s nice to spend time in nature and to experience such short hikes into the jungle or a forest and to a waterfall. So refreshing and rejuvenating. I’d give anything in the world to experience this for a lifetime.


  7. It seems like an excellent trail. I mean, you have great food and then a niice trek through the jungles. On top of that you get to wash away your sweat in a waterfall! What more can you ask for?


  8. this must have been a very nice hike! 🙂 I was never much obsessed with chasing waterfalls (just kihes and lakes) yet this place really looks beautiful!


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