BITES stands for Budget Itinerary Tips Experiences and Stories that I will share throughout this post.  🙂

Mt. Maynoba is one of the newly opened mountains in Tanay, Rizal. It was formally opened to public last March and it has already drawn high public attention for it can offer a high chance viewing of sea of clouds and by having various waterfalls.

Peaking at 728MASL, one has to deal with series of assaults to get to the summit. Here are further details of the mountain from Pinoy Mountaineer:

Tanay, Rizal
Trailhead: Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal
LLA: 14°36′22.4′′N, 121°25′18.6′′ E, 728 MASL (+470m)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3 hours
Specs: Minor hike, Difficulty 3/9 (Summit); 4/9 (Loop hike), Trail class 1-4
Features: Sea of clouds, scenic views of the Sierra Madre, waterfalls


It was just an ordinary day but my anxiety is killing me hard when I feel the calling of the mountains. So I made a plan for another climb and I wanted it to be a solo hike and at the same time a revenge climb for my first SOC-chasing hike in Mt. Batolusong (you can check it out here) I have decided to do a weekend climb in Mt. Maynoba which happened to be a newly opened hiking destination in Tanay that time. I already saw posts about this mountain circulating around in different hiking and traveling groups in Facebook featuring the sea of clouds view and its falls.

Having  a little information I got from different sources online. I have considered this mountain because of the overwhelming number of falls that you will get to see and experience along the trail. It would be a climb and a chasing waterfalls adventure all packed in one. Maybe you already have the idea about how many falls are there, but for the rest that don’t, can you make a guess? No it’s not four! Not even six! Okay hold off, it has eight waterfalls. Yes you read it right, it’s eight. Sounds much and exaggerated but this just made me start preparing an itinerary for this hike.


Alongside with my Mt. Balagbag experience where I was able to hike with new friends, I made it here as well with a new buddy, Julie plus Jenyleen and Abe. But did I mention that it would be a solo climb? Well yes originally, not until I told Jenyleen about my plan of going on a weekend hike. At first, I was uncertain to ask for somebody to join me in because I started my itinerary as early as 2AM and I do not think that they will be okay with it since they work in shifting hours, but hey they have just throwed me their yeses. To make sure that they’ll have enough energy on the climb date, I was reminding Jenyleen from time to time to prep herself and take enough sleep before the set date, but not for Abe as I still can remember that he had sent us his confirmation at around 12AM on the day of our climb #WalangTulugan

We met at Jollibee Cubao along Aurora and started our commute at around 2:30AM in the morning.


From Cubao going to Brgy. Cayabu(jump-off)
[Jeep] Cubao to Cogeo gate 2 – P25
[Jeep] Cogeo gate 2 to Batangasan – P42
[Tricycle] Batangasan to jump-off(P200/4) – P50

Riding on a jeep to Batangasan, I woke up from a short nap and just notice the view was unclear being seen outside. The road was soaked in fog . Dropping off, we were excited for Abe to see the place immersed on a thick fog since he really wanted to experience it when Baguio has failed to give him that kind of experience.

Arriving at the Jump-off

Logged our names, paid P45 for the registration and met our guide Kuya Rommel. 



Someone yelled from a distance ‘Umakyat na sila!’  We were informed that Gwen Zamora, a main stay of the late night gag show Bubble Gang  was there and already started the hike when we arrived, so our guide was excited and rushing to start ours too hoping that we will get into Gwen’s group along the trail.


Only happened that I am following her on IG


5:30AM we officially hit the trail. As mentioned, It was very foggy that morning which is a good sign that sea of clouds was present at the moment. The thicker the fog, the more chances of sea of clouds. As we walk along the foggy trail, I can imagine that somebody has already enjoying the view at the summit.




Beware of the mud and poops!

Source: Tired for some ‘mooos Photo by Lindon Lee Maquidato — National Geographic Your Shot




We made several stops to rest and catch a breath. We’re keeping on a good pace but the assaulted trail is not a joke. Good thing that we were provided with bamboo stick to use as staff to make it easier for us to deal with assaults. Thank you so much Kuya Rommel

TIP: Bring a hiking staff(tungkod) or kindly ask your guide to provide you one for it can really help you out on the steep parts of the trail.


Me trying to do a pose

We could see the fog and forested part of the mountain behind us for quite some time till it gave way to this view.





Now we couldn’t contain ourselves to move forward and witness everything on the summit. We only had took some photos and resume our struggle way up. This time with mud and a level-up steepness.


There the Summit!





7AM we have finally reach the summit with no words to say but ooohs and wows. We then find a good spot to set up our ground and laid for a while.










There are a lot of hikers at the summit but I think it is still few as compared with the numbers of hikers climbing Mt. Maynoba today where there are now chances of traffic on the trail.


We waited until the SOC dissipated before we decided to descend.




If it is the sea of clouds that excite me going up to the summit, then this time it is the waterfalls I mentioned earlier that we are about to see on our way down back to the jump-off. But before that, we have experienced the heat as the sun has already showed up and only those tall Talahib grasses serves to be our small hideout from the sunlight.



We were not able to visit all of those eight falls but had the chance to swim in 3 of them. By the way there are only four falls that they can allow you to swim, not all. On a personal note about the falls, they are not the ones I expected but still something good to look forward to, honestly I enjoyed my dip in Maynoba falls. However, they are more like of a stream to me with basin on every level for they have counted it as falls.


Maynoba Falls

We have decided to resume our descend back as the sky had already been covered with dark clouds and anytime soon rain will pour down. And it rained hard while we are down the trail. Still can remember that let-the-rain-wash-out-the-pain feeling. #Cheesy but definitely one of the best I could tell that time.



Upon reaching the jump-off site and since we are all hungry that time, we made to settle our tummies first then proceed to tidy up.

-End of our climb

More stories from Jenyleen, Abe and Julienne

A note from ABE


Even though Mt. Maynoba is not my first climb, it is always a nice feeling to be connected once again with nature. Being an amateur in regards with mountain climbing, it’s always fascinating to experience some new things like feeling the foggy sceneries around me and seeing the contrast of colors between the clouds and trees. As I ascend towards the top of the mountain, the excitement of seeing a marvelous sight is building up within me. It is really exhilarating. I cannot wait to see the view at the top.

Upon reaching the goal or what we so called the top of Mt. Maynoba, I have felt a serene peace as my eyes sets upon the true beauty of Mother Nature. All of the hardships and all of the pain I gained during the climb is all worth it. This is my best climb so far so I’m excited for more. 🙂

A note from JULIENNE


Mt. Maynoba Experience

“May hike kami”  “Sama `ko!” And the journey begins, we woke up early 1:30 am in the morning for us to witness the sea of clouds which Mt. Maynoba is famous for. I will not get into detail on how we get there, don`t worry Lindon will take good care of that 😛

So we start our hike at 5:30 am, as what I have read, Mt. Maynoba is 4/9 so for a second timer, I am expecting that it will be more challenging and much exciting as compared with my first hike in Batangas. As we chase the dawn upon our ascend, the path going up is seriously slippery, especially in the ascend before the ridge going to the peak, where in we have the glimpse of the sea of clouds.  The trail before the ridge part is one of the most challenging part,  just right the size of a foot and the only thing you can hold on are the Saccharum/Talahib :), roots and branching plants, if your leg is quite weak and your footsteps upon your ascend are quite light you might find yourself and the rest of your group in a bowling scene, one of the reason why I perspire so so, really very much 😀 just what like I said when we`re about to reach the peak, “bago ako umakyat yung kilay ko pang Cara Delevingne, pag nakarating na ako sa peak para na akong si Mona Lisa”

Anyway, all those worries of falling, stumbling etc was definitely wiped away (including my kilay) because of the breathtaking and worthy view. Mt. Maynoba is definitely hitting two birds in one stone, If you’re  facing the ridge, on the right we have the view of the sea of clouds, I`m amused and beguiled with the clouds above Sierra Madre Range along with the rising sun which makes the view an ethereal one. On the left, the lush landscape and surreal mountain range is offered, it was like a painting turning into reality. Get the camera and take unlimited pictures, lay back and just admire the view.

Mt. Maynoba is not just about sea of clouds or sea of grass, it also offers 8 majestic falls, out of 8 we only try 6. But the descend is a lot challenging than the ascend, we encountered numerous assaults, bamboo tunnel, big rocks, few ropes to hold on but the cold water in each falls and the relaxing view will get rid the tiredness of our body.

I can say that Mt. Maynoba, though it is newly opened, should be in your bucket list to hike this year,  not only because of the ethereal beauty of the view and you will realize that the poetry of the earth is never dead.

A note from JENYLEEN


The fogs, trees, grass, clouds, falls, sun and rain; they all make Mt. Maynuba’s perfect scenery. The trail was very challenging but every time we take a breath and look at the scenery before us, all of the tiredness and exhaustion is gone. The sea of clouds on our right, the waves of grass on our left, the view is just surreal. The falls are not so perfect but they help the climbers to feel refreshed. We also got to taste a legit mineral water, fresh from a mini waterfall that’s exclusive for drinking only. The water’s cold like it was fresh from freezer, so refreshing! And lastly, one of the highlights of this hike is our rainfall shower experience during our descend. This is my most unforgettable hike experience so far. 😉



From left to right: Julienne, Abe, Jenyleen and me


From Cubao take a jeep going to Cogeo and kindly ask the driver to drop you off at Cogeo Gate 2, fare is P25. When you arrive in Cogeo 2, look for the terminal of the jeep going to Batangasan. Again, ask the driver to drop you off at Batangasan, fare is P42 and travel time would be more than an hour. Finally, from Batangasan hire a tricycle going to the registration site/Jump-off, fare is P50/person.


Budget (Group of 4)


From Cubao going to jump-off
[jeep] Cubao to Cogeo gate 2 – P25
[jeep] Cogeo gate 2 to Batangasan – P42
[Tricycle] Batangasan to jump-off(P200/4) – P50

From Jump-off to Cubao

[tricycle] jump-off to batangasan(P250/4) – P62.5
[jeep] Batangasan to Cogeo – P42
[jeep] Cogeo to Cubao – P25


Registration – P40
Guide(P500/4) – P125
Use of bathroom – P20

TOTAL – P431.5


President : Mr. Romar L. Anito – 0929 765 8457
Vice President : Mr. Ronald Africano – 0908 433 0444


Blog BITES | Mt. MAYNOBA . All Rights Reserved

Hope to see you on the trail next time! Cheers!


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22 thoughts on “Blog BITES | Mt. MAYNOBA

  1. That looks like such a cool place to hike to. I wonder why they had closed till now. I am a hiking enthusiast and always keep looking for exciting destinations. This looks like a place I would love going to. Sharing this with a friend of mine!


  2. The photos are stunning, as the places you’ve been to! Leaving for a “walk” at 5:30am (I don’t want to know the time you woke up!) can be tough but in the end, I guess it was definitely worth it!


  3. Sir yung 2am sa cubao san po banda yun sakayan ng jeep going to cogeo gate 2? Marami na pu bang jeep na masasakyan dun? Nag comment din po pala ko sa post niu sa climber na page sa fb.. TIA po. Btw ganda po ng mga shots niu cool 😁😁😃😄


  4. Great captures from this hike. I loved how you included bits from all your friends with you, it is nice to get others thoughts in the same post! I did some hiking this summer and I can admit I feel the mountains call again already. I love the accomplished feeling at the top, and the view is more than a bonus! Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


  5. I am no way a hiker but I have hiked for 3x now. I think I can do this… wait… i have to bookmarked this! I really want to see the sea of clouds. Do you have contacts for the tourguide? Pls email me.


  6. First of all, great shots as ever man, you have such a great eye. And that video at the end looks like it made the entire trek worth it. Also, I couldn’t agree more about climbing and descending a mountain are two entirely different experiences and a mistake I made when hiking throughout parts of Europe was to get a cable car to the top and descend (or vice-versa) but really, having become more experienced, I’ve learned to appreciate them in different ways. Keep up the great work man and I look forward to the next post

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lovely photographs. The place seems beautiful. Being opened very recently, the hills must be unspoilt. I would like to visit Mt. Maynoba some day for sure. Thanks for the write up.Thanks for the tips and tricks.


  8. Wow! This looks like a quite a trek! The photos are beautiful, so I have to assume it was even more stunning in person! I love that you both wrote your individual perspectives. 🙂


  9. Wow this place is stunning! Haven’t heard of it till now and happy I come across these gorgeous photos! I was wondering why you would want so many clouds, but I got to the photos! The fog looks mystical along the trails but the clouds look spectacular and you got a great view!


  10. That looked like an incredible climb. I think it might be a bit too advanced for us but maybe some day we’ll be able to climb mt maynoba too. That’s great they opened this up to the public. What a view!


  11. Just loved those cloud views from the top! And the bamboo covered trails make me very nostalgic about my hometown. Also good to see that it has been newly opened. Must feel liike a hardcore explorer to venture into somethng that has not been seen by too many people yet.


  12. Inspiring photos as always, Lindon! As I keep on messaging you, please invite me when you have upcoming hikes! It would be nice to go with someone who is more experienced hiking. And ah, the sea of clouds are pretty awesome! Would like to go there one day.


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