Gacias Mountain View Resort

In the capital town of Laguna resides Gacias Mountain View Resort, a resort given with relaxing views of Mt. Banahaw and Sierra Madre Ranges. The name says it all.

Back to the Original Plan

It was not originally included on the Hulugan Falls 1-day itinerary trip prepared by Marvin as he already excluded it on the list because we were only supposed to do a daytour trip. Apparently, we have this friend who always comes late whenever there is an out of town trip that caused for spontaneity, well… Hi! Haha Yes! Because of this, we had changed the itinerary back to a 2-day trip and that includes a stay in Gacias Mountain View Resort. Not a bad thing though, it’s just sometimes the worst brings the best out in a situation like this. *kroo…kroo…

We checked-in at around 4PM for us to be able to catch the sunset. People who likes to avoid the stressful vibe of the city for a while will definitely love the place. The pool area with motorized falls can give you a relaxing massage on your back, the view of rice paddies is such a relief, their staffs are very accommodating, the surroundings, everything is light and nice in there, too bad we were not able to catch the sunrise because we have to leave as early as 3AM and head to Barangay San Salvador in Luisiana.

Here are the photos I got from the pool area. I personally enjoyed shooting here because of the good lighting… sunset always gives us good and dramatic lighting.





Here’s the reason why it’s called “Mountain View”. Mt. Banahaw and Sierra Madre Ranges as seen from the resort.



More photos showing how we basked the moment when we had the pool all to ourselves.





We got the chance to talk with Mrs. Gacias, the owner. She is kind and very approachable. We were told that the resort was supposed to be a family rest house back then. As time passes by, a lot of people from relatives to friends have been discovering the place until she’s asked why not open it to public. And then they decided to do so. Now they are accepting events such as debut parties, family reunions and the likes in the venue. See details down below for bookings.


From Buendia take a bus going to Sta. Cruz and kindly ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Sun Star Mall. When you arrive in Sun Star Mall, hire a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off at Acacia Street, Green Village Subdivision, Santa Cruz, it’s a long ride for it might cost you a hundred for a group of 4 persons.


Entrance fee

P50 – 9AM to 5PM
P70 – 5PM to 12MN
P100 – 6PM to 6AM
*All rate applies to adults and kids


Cottage rental – P500
Room(AC) rental – 2,500


Menchie – 0995 477 1890

For additional infos and inquiries you can visit their facebook page here: Gacias Mountain View Resort FB Page

So the next time you plan on where you are going to spend your quick escape or staycation or even just spending a night with in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, you may consider Gacias Mountain View Resort.

DSC_1151 (2)

Thank you for reading! Cheers!


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