Snap the Hype: McKinley’s Grand Canal Themed Mall


Grand Canal in Venice, Italy (Photo Credits to


Ever had this dream of traveling to Italy and experience the Grand Canal cruise? If so, I suppose you have heard about the Grand Canal attraction of the newly opened mall in McKinley Hills Taguig being tagged as the most romantic mall in the country.The place itself offers a different kind of vibe where one can actually set another level of experience without the need to travel far and without spending too much money.

The mall had started operating last year allowing its visitors to get inside the vicinity, though it’s not yet fully opened that time. They’ve let their guests witness the mall’s themed attraction that resembles the Grand Canal of Venice. It  also triggered an interesting argument between netizens where some had expressed themselves sounded as a “proud to be pinoy”, on the contrary, others were saying that there’s no good in copying and bringing one’s tourist attraction to another place. Despite of a few not-so-positive reactions raised on social media, the place has already been loved by many and I must say most of them are the ones we called the selfie enthusiasts.

Last January I decided to do my first selfie……….. haha just kidding, but why not! I decided to do my first photowalk in this place and also to test my newly bought D5200 Nikon camera. Let me show you a quick look of the place. These are my first clicks from my camera by the way.





– Closer look to my co-snappers –





Special thanks to Abe and Jenyleen for joining me here.

UPDATE: Gondola ride is now open every weekend for P500 per head.

For more info you may visit their facebook page here -> McKinley Hill

Grazie mille!

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