FEATURE: Gramming Poetry and Nature

The Boat

Words by: Gerald Cedrick Castillo

Seashore is a comfort zone.
I am happy, satisfied and alone.
In this paradise of the world,
no one can blame me, no one will hold.

The Ocean is enchanting and alluring.
It’s water is glazing and shimmering.
Although I’m not doing any fault,
I cannot do my role here as a boat.

Do I have to leave this peaceful shore,
then swim and go to the ocean core?
How can I live without doing my role?
How can I die without gaining my goal?

The Boat is my favorite among all of the poem written by Gerald Castillo. It could make you think of things that you know you can do and things you SHOULD be doing, then you will realize that you haven’t started any of them because you are stuck on something that could even makes you forget your worth. It’s hard to get out on that kind of chain so I’ll just leave it here – stop for awhile, reflect on things, focus on yourself and the people you care about, get yourself together and start doing things you love and live life as it should be. Know that you have a purpose!

Sail on!

Gerald is currently attending a seminary and he likes writing poems and taking outdoor pictures. You can reach him and read more of his inspiring works on his Instagram account – @geraldcedrick

As he says “Enjoy reading and reflecting”. God bless us all!


Note: Please don’t use someone else’s work(e.g. Photos, Line, etc.) without proper permission of the artist/author.


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