7 Friendly Reminders for Today’s Frequent Hikers

What you’ll read here are based on my experiences, only for some, and the rest are based on my observations. Enjoy! This is just for fun!

Are you one of the people who have told themselves to try hiking for once then that’s it, but things did not turned out that way? You are now more excited for the weekends because you have set a climb. And become more and more excited because you have set another couple of climbs for the next set of weekends and you have already set aside some of your responsibilities. Here are some simple reminders that I can relate to, except for no.6, I only included that part for some of you.

1. Hugot ka ng hugot sa Bundok, nahugot mo ba mga nakasaksak na appliances bago ka umalis?


Before leaving the house always check and unplug appliances to prevent electrical problems(e.g. short circuit, over heating of the appliance) that can cause fire while you are away.

2. Lumalayo ka pa para mamundok, hindi mo napapansin ang labahan mo ga-bundok na!


Mountain ranges of Mt. De Color

Have you checked your laundry yet?

3. Ang ayos ng mga gamit mo sa pag-akyat, pero ang gulo ng kwarto mo… tapos magtataka ka bakit parang ayaw mo na bumalik.


Give some time to at least fix your things in your room or just place them accordingly then you’ll see how it changes your lifestyle.

4. Bumili ka ng mamahaling hiking bag, hiking shoes at iba pang mamahaling gamit na dadalhin mo sa pag-akyat. May pambili ka pa ba ng at least 2liters na tubig?

Hiking does not require you to wear branded shirt, shoes and bag. What is important is that you’re protected comfortably. Besides we all shares the same trail, same dust, same mud, and same SUMMIT after all. These are all up to you, if you can afford then that’s okay but if you can’t, do not push yourself to have every expensive thing for hiking and overlooked the essentials. Think more on ‘what you should bring’ than nice to have’s.

5. Bago umalis: ‘Mall hopping lang po kami ng mga friends ko’. Pagka uwi ng bahay: ‘Thank you Lord at nakauwi pa ako ng ligtas’

Nanay Ina be like, Bakit parang hirap ka maglakad? Sira ba ang escalator at elevator sa pinuntahan nyong mall? Paki-explain. Labyu. ALWAYS let someone know exactly where you are going, who your companion will be and what mountain you are going to climb. If they wont’t let you, just try to explain in the very nice way why you’d like to go.

6. Umakyat kang umaasa. Bumaba kang sawi.

I observed that some of the people were trying to go on a hike because they assume that they will find their so called ‘forever’ on the mountain. I have nothing against about that. Maybe you didn’t met him/her on your previous climb, why not set another climb? Try again! Studies haven’t already figured out the total numbers of mountains in the world, akyat lang ng akyat! Good luck anyway. And for those who had already met their partners on the mountain, that’s awesome! Best wishes!

7. Umakyat kang sawi. Bumaba ka ng may bagong pag-asa.

But once forever feels like yesterday.  Eventually, you’ll hear the mountains are calling you. Just go and let it heals you so as you descend you’ll bring yourself together with you again. Spread the good vibes 🙂

Happy Hiking!


Some photos credits to their respective owners

One thought on “7 Friendly Reminders for Today’s Frequent Hikers

  1. A good reminder to anyone who like to climb or hike. Bottom line is be a resposible individual in all u plan to do either it be going up a mountain or household chore in ur home..
    Nice topic.!:


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