Discover: IVORY BEACH in Batangas

If you are looking for beach near in Manila and you’re on a fixed budget, this place will got you covered. Batangas. There are lots of beaches and resorts you can actually  choose from. Laiya, Nasugbu, Anilao … a few to name all. But have you ever heard Calatagan? Maybe ‘yes’, and maybe you knew it because of Burot Beach. If not, this one’s for you.

Calatagan has stretch of beaches named after Burot beach, Caisip beach, Isla Puting Buhangin, Ivory beach and a lot more. Calatagan, also known for its spectacular sunset view which I guarantee that you’ll catch one of the best sunsets from this place, next to any mountain tops.


Ivory beach. Never heard until our contact from Batangas suggested this beach to my group as an alternative to the crowded Burot beach. This beach is best for camping and perfect for a quick weekend getaway. There is no electricity on daytime, though they have power generator that runs from 6PM-10PM only.

Here’s to summarize the details –  What’s on the beach?

Electricity and Water Supply: YES – 6PM-10PM
Phone Signal: YES
Cottage/Room rentals: X
Tent rentals: YES – 500 for 3 pax; 700 for 6 pax
Table: YES
Canteen/Eatery: X
Comfort room: YES, clean? YES. Well maintained












“Sunsets are just little glimpses of the Golden streets of Heaven…” 


Experience it here!


From Pasay, Coastal Mall terminal, take Bus going to Calatagan(Celyrosa buses), fare is P150 travel time would take 4 hours maximum depending on the traffic. From Calatagan terminal, hire a tricycle and tell them you’re going to IVORY BEACH, fare is P50 per head for minimum of 4 persons. Meaning, if you are 3 in the group you have to pay for P200 fixed rate.



From Coastal Mall to Beach proper
[Bus] Coastal Mall to Calatagan Terminal – P150
[Tricycle] Calatagan Terminal to Ivory beach – P50

From Ivory beach back to Pasay
[Tricycle] Beach to Calatagan Terminal – P50
[Van] Calatagan Terminal to Pasay(Rotonda) – P180


Entrance Fee- P200 per person for overnight stay

Total – P630 for 2D1N


Actual Itinerary
11:30AM – TD Coastal Mall Terminal to Calatagan Terminal
3:10PM – Arrival at Calatagan Terminal
3:15PM – Stop over to Calatagan Market for foods
3:45PM – Arrival at Ivory Beach/Pinch
4:00PM – Snacks
4:30PM onwards – Swimming/Sunset viewing
7:00PM – Wash up
8:00PM – Dinner
9:00PM – Free time – Card games
10:00PM – Lights off
2:45AM – Prep
3:15AM – TD Ivory Beach to Calatagan Terminal
4:00AM – TD Calatagan Terminal to Pasay(Rotonda)
7:00AM – Arrival at Pasay


  1. Last trip of Celyrosa bus is 4PM from Calatagan Terminal to Coastal mall.
  2. You can maximize your stay at the beach, in our case, we were not expected ourselves to spend the whole night that time and some of us have appointment the next day so we have to leave early.
  3. Bring your own food and tent to lessen your expenses
  4. Observe CLEANLINESS.


Kuya Johny – 0977-428-2148
or visit their page here.

Thanks for these peeps for being game na game sa biglaan.


From L to R: Marvin, Aljen(standing), Me, Jenyleen(standing), and Abe

Go out! Chase sunsets and collect summer memories! Cheers!


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24 thoughts on “Discover: IVORY BEACH in Batangas

    i’am sure you can enjoy the beautiful white sand, the clean water, you can relax the beautiful place
    Try it Believe it
    just call or text :kuya Romy
    to guide you any time you want
    or tricycle ride to ivory beach
    or tent for rent
    contact #: 09266452950 or 09069540107


  2. Very interesting article and useful tips. Information about how to spend a day on the beach is always welcome! I will definitely keep this article among my favourites for my next trip to the Philippines. Very useful and interesting, and the pictures of the sunset are superb.


  3. It’s great that you have a beach so close to your home. The beach looks gorgeous at sunset and it seems that the trip was pretty cheap too. Perfect to spend a day out with friends 🙂


  4. What a spectacular sunset! And I have learned that the best beach information will always be those local, lesser known places, the and we had no idea even existed until that moment. And even better is that it is not overpowered by resorts…or even electricity!


  5. A lot of people are heading to the Philippines these days, and I want to catch the fun too. Like you mentioned the sunset here is stunning. Good tips on what to do at the beach. Your Instagram is full of great photographs btw. Following.


  6. I like chasing sunsets, and for what I could see, that’s a nice spot! Another thing that I like from the time-lapse video, something that maybe it’s not positive for most of the people, it’s that there are boats in the background. I like small boats, fishermen boats and all sort of floating stuff that’s not a modern yacht or cruise!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This was a really useful little guide and you’ve laid out the information in an easy to follow manner. That being said, most of my attention was commanded by the photos of the beach which looks absolutely spectacular. Great job capturing them!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The Philippines never ceases to surprise and awe me with its rich collection of beautiful islands and beaches.This is one more serene beach which lures me. The golden hue of the sun on the sea is really hypnotic.


  9. Wonderful sunset photos! Actually, all the images are beautiful. I love that the beach doesn’t appear to be very crowded. While busy beaches also have a certain charm, it is these quiet and relatively secluded beaches that are far more peaceful and relaxing. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Wonderful sunset photos! Actually, all the images are beautiful. I love that the beach doesn’t appear to be very crowded. While busy beaches also have a certain charm, it is these quiet and relatively secluded beaches that are far more peaceful and relaxing. Thanks for sharing!


  11. It is a very informatve post. I like it how you have systematcally sorted everything. And I loved the photographs. Especially those golden ones against the sun are magical!


  12. You give a lot of detail. Never heard of Ivory Beach before, but 4 hours isn’t that far considering the fact that many people visiting Manila have probably come a long way already. “Funland at the Beach” is a Dead Kennedys song!


  13. Great pictures you’ve got here! I love camping, so staying in a tent on this beach sounds really cool. And these sunsets – breathtaking! 🙂


  14. I love your sunset pictures, especially the one where you are holding it in your hand. Whenever I try that camera trick I mess it up! This looks like a great place to escape the city for a day! You write with great detail. This will be an excellent resource for people visiting the area! 🙂


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