BITES stands for Budget Itinerary Tips Experiences and Stories that I will share throughout this post.  🙂

Before, I thought summer is a season just for fancy resorts and beaches or the likes, ’til I saw posts on my feed of people who have done hiking. Well, at first, I wonder how it feels like but still got me like, seriously, on a summer? Until I found myself planning for the same scorching adventure. I’ll tell you, this might sound crazy at first but if you are really into outdoor activities then why not give hiking on a summer a try. Introducing summer 2.0.

So for my recent adventure, let me share my experience in braving Mt. Batolusong on my first solo hike. One with nature it is.


March 31st – It was a Thursday when the desire to go out with nature hit me. After my shift, I head over to my browser and hit Google to search for places that I can go for a solo trip. On the following day, I have decided to go on a hike and look for mountains located near in Manila. There are a few to choose from, but to consider my physical capability and being a newbie, I looked out for the ideal mountain with a minor climb specs, until I found an article about Mt Batolusong of Tanay, Rizal, which I find to be very interesting. You might want to check on this post. One of the things to consider in climbing Mt. Batolusong is that you will be able to witness the sea of clouds like in Mt. Pulag. This was just one of its features that totally convinced me from choosing this mountain among others.


  • Peak 1: Duhatan Ridge
  • Peak 2/Summit: Rangyas Peak
  • Falls: Kay-Ibon Falls
  • Sea of clouds
  • Grassland slopes
  • Views of Laguna, Rizal, and Quezon


  • Rock climbing
  • Swimming – Kay-Ibon Falls

Details of the mountain from Pinoy Mountaineer:

Major jumpoff: Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal*
LLA: 645 MASL / 780 MASL
Days required / Hours to destination: 1 day /1.5h (Mapatag); 3-4 (Susong Dalaga Peak)
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3

Now I’m set and excited for the upcoming weekend.

Weekend’s here!

With lots of excitement, I woke up at 3AM. Prepared hiking essentials on my backpack, then left the house at 4AM.


From Cubao to Tanay(Brgy. San Andres jump-off)
[Jeep] Cubao to Cogeo Gate 2 – P27
[Jeep] Cogeo 2 to Batangasan – P47
[Tricycle] Batangasan to Registration site – P40/head for 4 persons

7:20AM. I arrived at the registration site, secured a guide and have the fees paid. P20 for Duhatan Ridge and another P20 for Rangyas Peak.  Now you’ll see here kung saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo.

The Trail

Probinsya feels. The morning breeze whispers like it’s humming a song. Chickens’s shout echoing all over the place. The feeling while walking across this rice field was just destressing.


Kuya Jun, my guide, first introduce Sabang cave before we officially hit the trail. He’s actually fond of telling stories and that’s great!

To start off, here’s the first goal.


It was a steep forest-ish type of trail going to Duhatan Ridge. Good for beginners, but if you might find it hard, adjust the pace and do not hesitate to ask your guide for a break. There are stations where you can take a rest, one with running water so you can have some refreshments.




More snaps on the trail:


Duhatan Ridge

Made it! It almost took me a couple of hours to reach Duhatan ridge. I laid down for a while then setup my gears and shoot.

Again, saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo? Here it is. Enjoy the view from Duhatan Ridge!





Hugot line, anyone?


Unfortunately I did not make it to the sea of clouds. Here’s a cloudlapse instead to feel more the scenery.

Is it already the summit? No, not yet.


On the trail going up to Rangyas peak, I gazed in awe at the view.


Until we got to this burnt part of the trail where bamboos and grasses were obviously damaged by fire. I asked my guide, how it was possible to happen. He said, “Dahil sir kapag may mga taga-dito na nagsisiga meron dun na nililipad tapos hindi na namamalayan… Pero naagapan naman po agad.”



It was saddening. Moving on…

Rangyas Peak

Before you can already step your feet on the summit, you have to do a short rock climbing. There is also an alternative way to the summit with no rock climbing involved. But I strongly suggest you to go with rock climbing.


At the SUMMIT!




Before my descend, I took a moment for my prayers and to give thanks for His guidance.

My struggles didn’t end here yet! The trail is even more challenging during descend. Only if I could just slide all the way to Kay-Ibon falls, then I did. Haha!

Kay-Ibon Falls


Finally on the last stop! Took only few photos, washed my face and arms then left afterwards. If you are going to take a dip, there is a small hut where you can change clothes. There are small cottages also, but not sure if its free of charge.

-end of my climb

Meet kuya Jun

This is Kuya Jun Reyes, my guide who turned to be my instant photographer. He is kind and very considerate. He is the guide who actually guide and tell you stories all throughout the climb(You’ll understand if you had hired a guide before but you can’t feel his presence).


He refused when I asked him for a picture. So all of his shots are like this one

“…hanggang may isa po sa kanila na hindi pa kaya tumuloy[sa pag-akyat], hindi pa po kami tutuloy. Ok na sir, na mabagal ok lang sa akin, basta ok sila. ‘yun naman po ang trabaho namin.”

His words when I asked him on how he handle such circumstances with first time hikers. Good job to you sir!

Featured him on my previous post here.

This climb became extra special because I got to meet some of my college friends unexpectedly on the trail. Cheers y’all!


My co-PLMayers!




From Cubao take a jeep going to Cogeo and kindly ask the driver to drop you off at Cogeo Gate 2, fare is P27. When you arrive in Cogeo 2, look for the terminal of the jeep going to Batangasan. Again, ask the driver to drop you off at Batangasan, fare is P47 and travel time would be more than an hour. Finally, from Batangasan hire a tricycle going to the registration site/Jump-off, fare is P40/person.

(As of April 2016 for Solo dayhike)


From Cubao to Tanay(Brgy. San Andres jump-off)
[Jeep] Cubao to Cogeo Gate 2 – P27
[Jeep] Cogeo 2 to Batangasan – P47
[Tricycle] Batangasan to Registration site – P40/head for 4 persons

From Marcos Highway back to Cubao
[Tricycle] Highway to Jeep terminal(going to Cogeo 2/Marikina) – P40/head for 4 persons (In my case, I have no joiners so I paid full amount of P120. If you can join to other groups the better)
[Jeep] Terminal to Cogeo Gate 2 – P29
[Jeep] Cogeo Gate 2 to Cubao(Aurora) – P25


Guide fee – P500

Environmental fee:
Duhatan Ridge – P20
Rangyas Peak – P20

TOTAL – P828 (Safe Budget for a Solo Hike is P1000)


4:25AM – Ride Jeep from Cubao to Cogeo Gate 2
5:40AM – Ride Jeep from Cogeo 2 to Batangasan
7:10AM – Arrival at Batangasan; Ride tricycle to Jump-off
7:20AM – Registration/Start trek to Duhatan Ridge
9:15AM – ETA Duhatan Ridge
10:20AM – Start Trek to Rangyas Peak
11:00AM – ETA Rangyas Peak – Summit
11:20AM – Start Descend
12:10PM – ETA Kay-Ibon Falls
12:30PM – Head back to Manila

TIP: Make it early as possible if you want to witness the sea of clouds it could offer. Better yet, set an overnight camping and wake up early.

Hope to see you on the trail next time! Cheers!



BITES MT. BATOLUSONG | All Rights reserved 2016

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17 thoughts on “BITES | Mt. BATOLUSONG

  1. Nice blog! 🙂 planning to have a climb there this weekend. 🙂 just wanna ask if you have a contact number of any guides there?


    • Hi Mariel! Thank you 🙂 I wasnt able to get the contact info of my guide. No worries, he mentioned that there are about 200 guides working in rotation, the assigned personnel on the registration site will assign one for your group. Enjoy your climb!


  2. Hiking is what I love too! 🙂 I’ve been hiking in many places around the world and a few years ago I went for my first two-week solo hike in the northern part of Sweden. It was amazing – just me, nature and some reindeer 🙂 After that I got addicted, and now there’s no summer for me without hiking. The trail you took looks fantastic! 🙂


  3. I am not much of the hiking type but these stunning views are definitely worth the effort. Looks like the nature at this place is incredible, so much greenery! Great that you found a good guide, it is indeed a very important thing that can ruin a trip or make it unforgetable!


  4. Such beautiful pictures. It seems like a very adventurous trip! btw, whats a hugot line? Sorry might be a silly question. Love your website. Will be following!


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